Investment Opportunities

According to the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan an investor can get:

1. Incentives for projects (including priority investment projects):

  • Exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment, its components and spare parts, raw materials and supplies.
  • Kind grants of not more than 30% of the total investment in fixed assets (land plots, buildings, machinery and equipment, computer equipment, measuring and control devices and equipment, vehicles, production and farm(agricultural implements).

2. Incentives for priority investment projects*

  • Tax exemptions: Corporate income tax – 0% for 10 years, Land-tax – 0% for 10 years, Property tax – 0%for 8 years.
  • Investment subsidies up to 30% for construction and installation works and procurement of equipment after commissioning.
  • Guarantee of stability of the legislation: (tax legislation and in the sphere of attraction foreign labor)
  • State support of investments by authorized body established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which interacts with investors on the principle of “one stop shop“.
  • Assistance to investors in providing the guaranteed order from the interested legal entities according to the investment contract signed between the authorized body and the investor.

*Criteria for priority investment projects:

  • matching the List of Priority Activities (approved by the Government)
  • newly created juridical person with investments of more than 2 million MCI (MCI – monthly index, approved by the Law on the national budget)

Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan also provides the Institute of “Investment Ombudsman” that:

  • considers appeals of investors on issues arising during the implementation of investment activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and make recommendations to resolve them, including interacting with public authorities;
  • assists investors in emerging issues in court and pre-trial procedures;
  • formulates and submits recommendations on improvement of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In all matters relating to the provision of investment preferences, you can contact the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On all matters related to the provision of investment preferences, please contact the Committee on Investments of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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