Database of Investment Projects

Name of the projectRegionApplicantSectorCost of the project (million USD)Investments required (million USD)IRR finance indicatorDate of download
1“Background to the complete replacement of the individually-intensive and intensive heating systems existing extensive heating system” (IIHS+IHS instead EHS)Astana city“Zhasampaz kuyyn” ZHSHS – LLP “Whirlwind”Energy and Renewable Energy6,686,6810015 september 2016
2Production of toilet and A4 paper from rice cane.Kyzylorda regionLLP Orda city groupAgricultural Sector0,851,225 august 2016
3Transportation services of oversized and super oversized cargoMangystau regionSP VanguardTransport infrastructure4,51,324 august 2016
4Modernization and technical maintenance of the main technological platform of state television and radio channelsAstana city“Management company “Kazmedia ortalygy” LLPPublic private partnership project606024 august 2016
5Production of in travenous solutions in polypropylene bottles 250 ml. and volume 500 ml.South-Kazakhstan region“AzamatMedSarym” LLPPharmaceutical Industry45,51211 august 2016
6Construction of a plant for manufacturing of innovative feminine hygiene productsAlmaty cityLS Products LLCLight Industry4421511 august 2016
7Organization of waste processing complex in KokshetauAkmola regionLLP “Gold Brick”Other2,62,609.сәу8 august 2016
8Kazakhstan tourismAstana cityKazakhstan tourism LLPTourism Industry115 august 2016
9Creating a full-cycle “PolarSolAsia” production facility in the field of green technologyInterregional project“PolarSolAsia” PLCEnergy and Renewable Energy335,512 july 2016
10High-rise residential district with a polyfunctional infrastructure of public servicesAstana cityJSC ” Pana”Construction Industry and Manufacture of Construction Materials81815 july 2016
11Manufacturing of steel pipesKaraganda regionLLP “Temirtau Pipe plant”Mining and metallurgical complex, metallurgy, subsoil4,452,94125 july 2016
12Construction of two small hydro power palnts “Darkhan” and “Azamat” on Keles river in South-Kazakhstan regionSouth-Kazakhstan region“Kelesgidrostroy” LLPEnergy and Renewable Energy1094 july 2016
13Construction of 5 MW solar power station in Mangystau regionMangystau region“Best-Group NS” LLPEnergy and Renewable Energy8,03564 july 2016
14Implementation and adaptation of the software and hardware complex on meteorology and computing cluster (supercomputer)Astana cityMinistry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RSE “Kazhydromet”)Information Technologies15154 july 2016
15Construction of carton-paper production from agricultural vegetable wasteKaraganda region«AstanaPower Engineering» LLPAgricultural Sector224 july 2016
16Organization for the provision of the touristic servicesKaraganda regionSole Entrepreneur KarasartovTourism Industry0,230,21 july 2016
17Construction and operation of retail and entertainment complex in the city of TurkestanSouth-Kazakhstan regionLLP “Kazakhstan Barys 2050”Tourism Industry52,211.мам1 july 2016
18Manufacture of 220-500 kV power transformersSouth-Kazakhstan regionMachine Industry504030 june 2016
19Bitumen plant in AktobeAktobe regionLAD LLPChemical industry2712,530 june 2016
20Special coke production complex and production of electric and thermal energyKaraganda regionKazakhstan Invest Komir JSСChemical industry7,64,730 june 2016
21Initiation means (detonators, waveguides)Aktobe regionNitrohim LLPChemical industry2530 june 2016
22Emulsion explosivesAktobe regionNitrokhim LLPChemical industry1230 june 2016
23Workshop for processing medical plantsEast-Kazakhstan regionBayturservice LLPPharmaceutical Industry1,51,56530 june 2016
24Construction of small-sized pilot plant for processing of hydrocarbon raw materials (mini oil refinery)Kyzylorda regionDabysov Individual EntrepreneurOil Refining and Development of Oil and Gas Infrastructure303036.5430 june 2016
25Organization of production of organic-humic fertilizersKaraganda regionEsmar LLPChemical industry2,52,482.829 june 2016
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