Frequently Asked Questions


Is KAPTIC a governmental agency?

KAPTIC is a non-governmental agency. Like other trade associations and chambers of commerce we are a non-partisan and a non-profit business organization. However, KAPTIC participates in regular dialogues with public figures and relevant government organizations.

What does KAPTIC do?

KAPTIC regularly organizes various events such as Business Conferences, Seminars and Workshops to help members network with one another, update themselves with the latest business news and opportunities, adopt best business management and corporate governance practices and understand key economic and legislative trends.

Does KAPTIC provide information about how to set up a company in Singapore?

No. KAPTIC provides networking opportunities as well as market entry, business expansion and marketing support. However, we have an extensive network of members who will be glad to help you with a number of issues. For more information you can download the presentation on our HOME page.

Who can be Members of KAPTIC?

All companies with business interests in the Asia-Pacific or the EAEU can apply for a membership.

What is the KAPTIC’s connection to the government?

KAPTIC is a non-profit, non-governmental agency that has the privilege of working closely with the officials from various government and quasi-government entities, but at all times remains an independent and unaffiliated entity.

Most of all we are grateful to the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Singapore for their kind support in all of our endeavors.

How can I become a member of KAPTIC?

You can fill up our membership application form, which is on our website or e-mail us at .

Can I become an Overseas Member of the KAPTIC?

Yes, you can. Overseas members of KAPTIC are entitled to the same benefits as local members.

Can entities outside of the Asia Pacific and EAEU join KAPTIC?

Yes. KAPTIC is an international organization that is open to individuals from all races and nationalities and for companies from all over the world as long as your or your company’s vision is in line with ours and you or your company satisfy the membership criteria.

Is it possible to have an internship at KAPTIC?

Yes, it is. Please visit our Volunteer Enrollment page to find more information. Take note that all our internships are on volunteer basis only (non-paid).

If I already registered for an event, but not able to attend it, is it possible to send a replacement in my place?

Yes, it is. Take note that it should be someone from your company or your direct representative. Kindly notify us regarding such changes via email.


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