Visa is required for foreign nationals and stateless persons to enter the territory of Kazakhstan, unless otherwise has been stipulated by international treaties of the RoK.


According to the ‘‘Rules of the issuing of visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as extending and shortening their validity” there are three types of visas are issued: 1) non-immigrant, 2) immigrant, 3) exit.


  • Non-immigrant visas:

diplomatic, service, investor, business, missionary, tourist, private and transit.


  • Immigrant visas

Issued for: 1) education, 2) work, 3) humanitarian purposes.


  • Exit visas: several categories.


In case of stay on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan not exceeding 30 days, irrespectively of the purpose of stay, a visa-free regime is applicable to citizens of the following countries:


In case of stay on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan not exceeding 90 days, irrespectively of the purpose of stay, a visa-free regime is applicable to citizens of the following countries:

For citizens of Hong Kong, in case of their stay on the territory of Kazakhstan for up to 14 days, irrespectively of the purpose, a visa-free regime is applied.


For investment and business visit, citizens of foreign countries shall obtain an investor or business visa to enter Kazakhstan, unless other procedure is established by an agreement with the respective country or the Government of the RoK.

C1 multiple visa for a period of up to 3 years is issued based on visa support and a request of the RoK authorized investments agency.


C2 category visa is a single entry visa with duration up to 30 days, issued to executive heads and top managers of foreign legal entities participating in investment into the economy of Kazakhstan, participants of the RFCA, as well as their spouses and minor children without invitation within 3 business day based on an instruction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RoK or based on requests of the heads of foreign institutions of the RoK1, in case of solicitation of foreign legal entities or authorized body of the RoK on investment matters.


Investor visa, respective visa support and solicitation are provided free of charge.


Single entry business visa valid for up to 30 days is issued on the basis of the visa support, except for citizens of Bulgaria, Jordan, Qatar, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Malta, Oman, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Croatia, for whom a single entry business visa is issued on the basis of a company’s letter of request with indication of the purpose of the visit to Kazakhstan, period of stay and contact details of the inviting party. Multiple entry business visas are issued to citizens of foreign states on the basis of the visa support.


The inviting party shall submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RoK a letter of confirmation with a relevant set of documents.


The letter of invitation shall be submitted not later than two weeks prior to the expected date of entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan. Invitation letter is provided in three copies, two of which are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the third, as visa confirmation, directed to applicants.


Information on the invitees shall be submitted on electronic media and prepared in accordance with the Rules for Issuing Visas of the RoK, Extension and Reduction of Their Validity. The documents for visa support processing submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RoK and containing false data shall not be taken for processing and shall be re-submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after their correction by the inviting party.


The visa support processing period shall not exceed 5 business days. If it is required to study visa documents more thoroughly, this period may be extended.


The inviting party shall undertake all the liabilities related to timely explanation to the foreigners of their rights and obligations stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Solicitation of a visa recipients’ invitation from the individuals and legal persons that previously repeatedly failed to ensure compliance by the invited foreigners with the legislation on legal position of foreigners and the migration legislation of the RoK shall not be processed.

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